Bright Lillies Nursery And Primary School
Location:Plot 54 Amka Road - Mutungo
Phone No.:0775832437 / 0752750554

Early development is fundamental to the growth of your child. We admit children from the age of 6 month.

Why Bright Lillies Nursery And Primary School?
- Children are kept in a serene homely and child friendly environment.

-The school follows an integrated system of both Montessori international Curriculum, a method that uses specifically designed materials that encourages individuals learning through stimulations of the five senses and childhood development syllbus under ministry of education and sports.

-The teachers are fully qualified and experienced and will warmly embrace your child and ensure that they will get the best while at school.

Name Amount Description
Registration fee 10,000 UGx
Identity Card 5,000 UGx
School fees - Daycare 10,000 UGx Per day
School fees - Full Day 400,000 UGx
School fees - Half Day 300,000 UGx
Development fee 70,000 UGx Per year
Swimming per term (Optional) 50,000 UGx
NOTE UGx All fees is payable in the bank as no cash will be allowed at school. The school fees will be paid on account with centenary bank
Account number: 3010311633

School fees is payable before opening day
Name Amount Description
Requirements - Nursery UGx -6 48 pages exercise books
-6 nataraji pencils
-4 big rolls of toilet papers
-2 rubbers (white)
-1 A4 size drawing book
-1 hard broom
- 1 soft broom
-Ream of duplicating papers
Requirements - Primary UGx - 9 ruled 96 page exercise books
- 3 squared 96 page exercise books
- 12 nataraji pencils
- 4 big rolls of toilet papers
- 2 rubbers (white)
- 1 packet of nataraji colored pencils
- 1 haco ruler
- 1 hard broom
- 1 soft broom
- P.3 fountain pen and ink geometric set
- Ream of duplicating papers
Transport Charges UGx Mutungo, Bbina and kunya - 90,000/=
Mbuya, kitintale, kirombe - 120,000/=
Butabika, kinawataka and luzira - 140,000/=
Kireka, Bugolobi - 160,000/=
Portbell - 170,000/=
Kirinya, bweyogerere - 190,000/=
Uniform - Girls 100,000 UGx Full set for both nursery and primary
Uniform - Boys 105,000 UGx Full set for both nursery and primary
Labeling 2,000 UGx Per term
Belt 6,000 UGx For boys - Primary
NOTE UGx We provide snacks, meals and so packing is not allowed. Swimming and transport are pre-paid services.
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • Pay 15000 UGX (i.e 5000 service fee, 10000 school application fee) for your application to be delivered to the school

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