TenderCare Kindergarten And Daycare
Location:Kyaliwajjala Namugongo
Phone No.:0772-485316 / 0750-431737

Name Amount Description
Admission fee 30,000 UGx
School fees - Daycare(Daily) 15,000 UGx 700,000 termly
Sportswear 40,000 UGx
Uniform 50,000 UGx
Afternoon Care (Lunch inclusive) 150,000 UGx
Sweater 35,000 UGx
Swimming (Optional) 40,000 UGx
Transport (Optional) UGx One way (0-3km) - 180,000/=
Double way (0-3km) - 200,000/=
One way (3-5km) - 200,000/=
Double way(3-5km) - 240,000/=
Beyond but not exceeding 8km - Negotiable
School fees - Nursery 450,000 UGx
NOTE UGx School fees, Transport fees to be paid in the bank.

Registration fees, uniform and swimming maybe paid at school if required

School dues to be paid before opening of term

Bank details; STANBIC BANK - KIREKA BRANCH A/C NO. 9030005902206
Name Amount Description
Stockings 10,000 UGx
Requirements - Nursery UGx - Black shoes with full uniforms except on sports day
- Towels(swimming)
- Changing clothes (afternoon)
- Lady bird reading books (each book per person per year)
Baby class 1a, b, c
Middle class 2a, b, c
Top class 3a, b, c
- A ream of papers (rotatrim) once a year
- 6 pencils (nataraj or peinken)
- 1 packet of nataraj crayons (baby class)
- Colored pencils (Middle & Top class)
- 4 toilet papers
- 1 dozen of exercise books (strictly picfare or visa)
- 1 writing book for middle and top class
Requirements - Daycare UGx Other clothes - Daily
3 diapers - Daily
6 rolls of toilet papers
School Provisions UGx Book covers
A file each
Drawing books
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • Pay 15000 UGX (i.e 5000 service fee, 10000 school application fee) for your application to be delivered to the school

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