Kings Primary School
Location:Kireka - Kasokoso
Phone No.:256772-461256 / 256759-800157

Our Profile:
Kings Schools Kindergarten and Primary provide excellent services for children in daycare, nursery, kindergarten and primary.

Our teachers are well trained and dedicated to providing all children equal opportunity and access to learning in a happy and clean environment.

Our Vision:
To be the best Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary in kasokoso where young children are loved and given opportunity to unfold their potential through play, motivation and encouragement.

Our Mission:
To provide enjoyable stimulating and challenging learning experiences to children.

Name Amount Description
School fees 165,000 UGx
Registration fee 10,000 UGx
Uniform 35,000 UGx
Sportswear - Girls 35,000 UGx
Sportswear - Boys 30,000 UGx
Sweater - Boys 30,000 UGx
Sweater - Girls 35,000 UGx
Stockings 6,000 UGx
Name Amount Description
Other Requirements UGx - A ream of papers
- A plastic file or 3,000/=
- 5 toilet papers
- 5 pencils
- 1 packet of colored pencils
- 1 packet of razor blades
- 2 brooms (1 hard and 1 soft)
- 1 rubber
Books UGx - 1 dozen of 96 pages exercise books
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • 10,000 UGx(part of Admission fees) + 5,000 UGx(service charge) = 15,000 UGx

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