Unique Model Infant Daycare Centre - Kazo
Phone No.:+256777789669 / +256701750576

Supporting Early Childhood Development.

Early years matter.

Registration Requirements:
a) child
b) Report from previous school
c) 2 passport photos
d) Copy of immunization card
Bring all the above on reporting day.

our Centralized snack break time tables is as follows;
Day School Parent
Mon Porridge with milk Eggs
Tue Dry tea Ground nuts
Wed Porridge with soya Bread
Thu Dry tea Chapat
Fri Porridge with soya Banana

We have a school van.

Name Amount Description
Registration fee 10,000 UGx
School fees 160,000 UGx It includes
a) 2 packets of crayons
b) Centralized snack (Break time)
c) Development fee
Uniform - Boys 30,000 UGx
Uniform - Girls 25,000 UGx
School sweater 25,000 UGx
Sports wear 25,000 UGx
Name Amount Description
Requirements UGx a) 8 books (96 pages - Picfare)
b) 5 pencils (Picfare)
c) Ream of papers (Rotatrim)
d) White socks and green socks bought at school at 7,000/= a pair
e) Swimming costume, doll or tyre, ball not plastic to support childrens' physical development
f) A plastic cup for snack
g) A plastic plate for Daycare child (1500/= or 60,000/= termly)
h) Nigina slippers
i) Book covers 2,000/=
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • 10,000 UGx(part of Admission fees) + 5,000 UGx(service charge) = 15,000 UGx

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