Nakulabye Junior School
Phone No.:0772519752

Nakulabye Junior School is a nursery and primary school located in nakulabye

Name Amount Description
Registration fee (Nursery, P.1,P.2,P.3,P.7) 10,000 UGx
Interview fee (P.1,P.2,P.3,P.6,P.7) 10,000 UGx
Registration fee - P.4,P.5,P.6 20,000 UGx
School fees - Nursery 66,000 UGx
Examination fee - Nursery 7,000 UGx Also a ream of papers (rotatrim) of 15,000
School fees - P.1 to P.3 72,000 UGx
Lunch (optional) 35,000 UGx For P.3 to P.7
School fees - P.7 114,000 UGx
School fees - P.4 & P.5 78,000 UGx
School fees - P.6 90,000 UGx
School Uniform - Boys (P.3 to P.7) 30,000 UGx Shirt and short
Name Amount Description
School Uniform - Boys (P.3 to P.7) 30,000 Select Cur Shirt & short
School Uniform - Girls (P.3 to P.7) 30,000 UGx Pinafore
School Uniform - Nursery & P1(Boys) 25,000 UGx Shirt and short
School sweater - Nursery to P.1(Boys) 25,000 UGx
Sports wear - Nursery to P.1(Boys) 25,000 UGx
White socks - Nursery to P.7(Boys) 4,000 UGx
School Uniform - Nursery & P1(Girls) 25,000 UGx
Sports wear - Nursery to P.1(girlss) 25,000 UGx
School file 2,000 UGx For nursery & Primary both girls and boys
School book cover 500 UGx each
Other requirements 0 UGx Strictly black shoes, canvas for sports wear, school bag, handkerchief, 1 outside brrom, 1 inside broom, 1 small tin of omo/Nomi, 2 rolls of toilet papers, 1 kg of sugar, 1 cup, 1 packet of crayons for nursery, 1 packet of colored pencils, 2 dozens of exe
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • 10,000 UGx(part of Admission fees) + 5,000 UGx(service charge) = 15,000 UGx

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