Kito Infant and Primary School
Location:Kito Bweyogerere
Phone No.:0783668043

We are found in Kito in bweyogere and we have both nursery and primary section

Name Amount Description
School fees 90,000 UGx
School Uniform 25,000 UGx
Sportswear 25,000 UGx
School sweater 30,000 UGx
Lunch 50,000 UGx
Registration fee 10,000 UGx
Name Amount Description
Stockings 0 UGx Maroon & white stripes
Sugar 0 UGx 2 kgs
Ream 0 UGx 1 per year
Pencils 0 UGx 12 pencils
Books 0 UGx 1 dozen of 96 pages for baby to top class, 2 dozens of 96 pages for P.1 to P.2, a half dozen of 96 pages and 14 black books for 4 Quire for P.3 to P.5
Toilet papers 0 UGx 4 rolls
Other Requirements 0 UGx 2 brooms, 1 rubber, 1 wax crayons
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • Pay 15000 UGX (i.e 5000 service fee, 10000 school application fee) for your application to be delivered to the school

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