Home Field Kindergarten and Daycare
Location:Kirinya kito Bweyogerere near Nambole High School
Phone No.:0772668739

Raising future leaders premised on christian values to ensure a holistic development. School environment: We are located in a conducive and serene environment for young learners free from noise and traffic. All children that join will appreciate the special environment that's carefully designed for child learning.

Name Amount Description
School fees - Kindergarten Full Day 450,000 UGx
School fees - Kindergarten Half Day 400,000 UGx
Registration fee 20,000 UGx
Clubs (Optional) - Swimming 30,000 UGx
Clubs (Optional) - Spelling Bee 30,000 UGx
Clubs (Optional) - Ballet 30,000 UGx
Clubs (Optional) - Hockey 30,000 UGx
Name Amount Description
School Uniform Polo Shirt 20,000 UGx
Short, Skirt / Dress 30,000 UGx
PE T-Shirt 20,000 UGx
PE Short 20,000 UGx
Belt 10,000 UGx
Sweater 30,000 UGx
Extra Large Sweater 35,000 UGx
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • Pay 15000 UGX (i.e 5000 service fee, 10000 school application fee) for your application to be delivered to the school

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