MaryHill Junior School
Location:Namugongo - Sonde
Phone No.:0702978797

We are primary school located in Namugongo -Sonde offering the best education to our pupils

Name Amount Description
Admission & Interview fee - Day 20,000 UGx
Admission & Interview fee - Boarding 40,000 UGx
Boarding Fees 650,000 UGx All classes
Day Scholars Fees - P.1 to P.3 300,000 UGx
Day Scholars Fees - P.4 to P.6 310,000 UGx
Day Scholars Fees - P.7 400,000 UGx
Name Amount Description
Library fee 20,000 UGx Paid once
Long ruler UGx P.1 to P.7
Books UGx 3 dozens of books 96 pages picfare P.5 - P.7, 2 dozens of books 96 pages picfare P.3 - P 4, 1 and half dozen of black books P.7
Ream of photocopying papers UGx 1 ream
Uniform UGx You need to buy 2 pairs of uniforms, a pair of sports wear, a school sweater, Sunday uniform, 2 pairs of school socks, 2 casual uniforms for boarders
Broom UGx 2 inside brooms from P.1 - P.4, 2 outside brooms for P.5 - P.7
Mathematical set UGx For P.3 -P.7
Pens & Pencils UGx 1 dozen of pens & pencils for P.3 -P.7, 1 dozen of pencils P.1 - P.2, 1 packet of crayons for P.1 - P.2
Toilet papers UGx 4 rolls for day scholars, 6 rolls for boarders
File UGx 1 spring file for P.1 - P.2, Box file for P.3 - P.7
NOTE UGx A pupil should report to school with a photocopy of a thorough health check up form from an established and registered clinic, dispensary or hospital
Boarder pupils requirements UGx 1 knife (girls), 1 slasher (boys), 1 scrubbing brush, 1 mopper, salon 5,000 Ugx, 6 under pants (boys), Atlas & a dictionary, 5kgs of sugar, a jerry can (green/yellow for girls & blue/white for boys), 6 knickers (girls), a bansin/bucket (red or green) for
NOTE2 UGx All boarder pupil's property should be labeled or pay 10,000 for labeling them from school
Boarder pupils requirements2 UGx A basin/bucket (red or green) for girls & blue or yellow for boys, 5 bars of washing soap, 3 tins of shoe polish large size, a comb, a towel, mosquito net, blanket and mattress, a spoon & fork, prayer book for Christians, 2 pairs of bed sheets (blue for b
Event Name Date Description

Application Requirements

  • Student Photo
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Clear photo or scanned copy of your previous report or Pass slip
  • 10,000 UGx(part of Admission fees) + 5,000 UGx(service charge) = 15,000 UGx

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